Contract to Close

The Leverage Lab offers three package levels to suit you and your clients needs. Our Transaction Coordination team consists of experienced, highly skilled real estate professionals familiar with the nuances of a real estate transaction.

We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you and learn more about your goals around transaction management. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with us to get started. Or, if you're a returning agent, feel free to start a new order below!

Contract To Close

Red Package

  • Confirm Paperwork complete
  • Coordinate Receipts
  • Monitor & Facilitate Work on all Contract Dates
  • Compliance and Commissions in Command
  • Clear all Contingencies
  • Energy Audit ( If Required)
  • Work with Title and Lender for all Docs and CTC
  • Order Home Warranty
  • Gather Receipts for Repairs and Walk Through
  • DA Review
  • Schedule Walk Through and Closing

  • Weekly Update to Agent/Client
  • Update MLS as Needed

 Black Package

Includes all services in
Red Package
  • Social Media for Contract and Sale
  • Document Preparation
  • Arrange Client Gifts
  • Client Review Request
  • Smart Plan Enrollment

 Platinum Package

Includes all services in
Red and Black Packages
  • 1-1 Consult with TC/Agent
  • Phone Calls/Videos to Clients
  • Client Concierge
  • Co-Branded Messaging
  • Process any necessary Greensheets
  • Hand-Written Thanks You's
  • Weekend TC Coverage

Contract to Close

Pay for Package at closing. Have questions?
Schedule a complimentary consult.