Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you complete necessary paperwork on my behalf?
A: No. While we will list out what paperwork we need to complete the file for compliance and the DA, we are not authorized to create, send, or request the documents on your behalf .

Q: When do I pay for my PayDay order?
A: At the time of your request. There is a link to pay in the Intake Form you complete - please copy and paste that into a new browser window to complete payment!

Q: Can you help with DA’s on leases?
A: Yes! We can help with listings, buyers, lease listings, and tenant leases.

Q: Do I have to complete an Intake Form for every PayDay order?
A: Yes. Each deal is unique and we need to know key commission info. Plus, the Intake Form is the only way to submit your payment for the order.

Contract to Close

Q: Do you schedule inspections?
A: No. In this hectic market, we can not guarantee we will receive the contract in enough time to properly schedule inspections. Additionally, we believe the agent or their assistant is the best person to handle this time-sensitive detail as they often have preferred vendors they care to use and can reach quickly.

Q: Will you prepare amendments and other necessary documents?
A: Yes, on the Black and Platinum packages. Keep in mind, all instructions to prepare documents must be in writing from you to your TC to ensure proper preparation. Also, keep in mind that we will not prepare documents without your permission. For example, if a co-op requests a closing date extension, we will wait for you to have the conversation with the client and tell us it is okay to move forward with a document. This keeps you as the agent at the center of transaction and the point of contact on all negotiations and contract changes.

Q: I need a mover or other service scheduled for my client - will you schedule this?
A: At the Platinum service level, we offer a Concierge service to help clients with things like movers, lawn care, pool maintenance, etc. We are happy to send options for vendors to clients and initiate a conversation between them and their preferred vendor. We can not facilitate payment, collect personal information, or otherwise arrange for the service to be completed.

Q: How about other errands and calls tied to the transaction? Can I ask you to help my client get their Power of Attorney, or ask you to arrange with the seller’s cousin to make a copy of the key?
A: The line between a TC and an Assistant can be a fine one at times. Errands outside of the scope of our offer package and other tasks not pertaining to aspects of the contract outlined in our Menu of Services are best completed by the agent or someone on their staff or team. From time to time our TC’s may redirect your requests back to you for completion.

Q: How do I pay for CTC?
A: Once you are cleared to close, The Leverage Lab will email you an invoice to be paid within 48 hours of funding.

Q: What if my contract terminates?
A: We’ll process any necessary termination paperwork and tasks and close the file in our system - free of charge!

Q: Are your TC’s licensed?
A: Yes! Plus, all have their licenses held by Keller Williams and are part of your local Market Centers. We hire the best TC’s in the business with proven track records of success.

Q: Can I choose which TC I work with?
A: Yes! You may not have a preference initially - in that case, we route our contracts to TC’s based on availability to ensure an even workload. Once you have a TC you’ve worked with and love, just request them in the appropriate field on the Intake Form, or send business directly to them via email/text - whichever you’ve discussed. In the event you fall out of love with your TC (we hope this never happens!) you can always request a confidential chat with our Director at and we’ll make it right and find a solution.

Q: Do I have to submit an Intake Form every time I have a contract?
A: We encourage you to complete an Intake Form each time to ensure we capture all the pertinent details of a contract. However, we understand that isn’t always a reasonable request. Once you’ve established a relationship with your TC of choice through a few contracts, you can submit new contracts via email, or even text message (Hey, TC! I have a new contract on 123 Main Street - you’ll find everything in Docusign. Inspections are scheduled for Friday at 2pm and buyer will be present - please submit everything to title - I’m working on getting earnest and option fee from the buyer now to be delivered to title - thank you!). Your TC may need additional information and they will email, call, and/or text based on your preferences for it.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Our onboarding process takes about 30 minutes and consists of 5 simple steps.
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